Benefits of IELTS

Look-alike Test Engine

Benefit from fortifying your IELTS skills with our unique test engine that’s loaded with questions that are at par with the actual IELTS exam.

Personal Mentorship

Our experienced personal mentors ensure that you never have a doubt or question on any of the four IELTS test sections and can face even the toughest test with confidence

Access to Alumni

Meet, talk and be inspired from thousands of our successful IELTS students and create your own success plan that empowers you to study, work or live wherever you want.

About Us

Study Abroad with IELTS

Most educational institutions in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Europe recognize IELTS as the standard to gauge the English proficiency of their future students. Major colleges and universities across the US and Canada also accept the IELTS. So, if you aspire to get a life-changing experience studying abroad, IELTS is one of the few exams that empower you to do so.

Work Abroad with IELTS

Working abroad offers several advantages: the right recognition for your talents, an amazing work environment, better lifestyle, greater impact with your work, excellent financial rewards. A high IELTS score is the spark you need to fire off the above chain reaction.

Kanan Prep helps you enjoy a deeply fulfilling career in an overseas location.

Realistic Content and Tests Inside Every Pack

Pick the right plan to get the right amount of training you need

IELTS Academic

Validity (Days)3090120180
Pratice Test13510
Full Length Test12510
Writing Evaluationx136
Speaking EvaluationX136
Free English Proficiency Test
IELTS Strategy Videos
IELTS Exam Videos TipsX
IELTS Beginner’s LessonsX
Vocabulary VideosX
Grammar VideosX
Quick Bites (Videos for refreshment)X

IELTS General

Validity (Days)30120
Full Length Test14
Practice Test15
Writing EvaluationX3
Speaking EvaluationX3
Free English Proficiency Test
IELTS Exam Videos TipsX
IELTS Orientation & Strategy Videos
IELTS Beginner’s LessonsXX
Daily Vocabulary VideosX
Quick Bites (Videos for refreshment)X
Grammer VideosX

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